Sunday, July 21, 2013

WIWS and 7 Quick Takes

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1.  Todays outfit - navy blue and bright pink.
dress and shoes:  Gap  belt:  off a Target maternity dress  necklace:  gift  

2.  Dominic has fully recovered from mrsa, it seems.  We haven't seen it on anyone else in the family, which is good, because if we had, I would go ape crazy on my house with bleach which MAY not even be able to remove this microscopic monster.
Dom at the Doctor- all better!
3.  I'm really loving my new go-to snack for book clubs and girls nights.  I got a good deal on Dolci Frutta, a killer dipping chocolate.  It comes in a can, melts fast in the microwave, dips beautifully, and you pitch the container when it's gone.  So, I have 8! cans in my cabinet.  Meeting with ladies?  Sale strawberries + chocolate = I'm the belle of the book club.  Or at least I'm not empty handed, and no one ever complains when it comes to chocolate covered fruit.

4.  My friend Rachel is back in town from her husband's 3 year residency in Colorado.  I am so happy about this.  Last week, Nicole, Rachel, and I went to a fun water playground park with the kids to beat the 100 degree heat.  It was 78 degrees and raining that morning.  Go figure - they still had fun.  

5.  Some years ago, I told a good friend of ours, Luke, that his compliments often came with insults.  After one of his accidental insults, I told him he was the master of the "insompliment".  We've been using the term ever since.  I woke up to an email titled "Burn in HECK, Emily Scott!" this morning.  It read:  Kate has introduced the word insomplement to my co-workers.  They now use it all the time.  This is all your fault.  I was amused.

6.  Wilson, who was referred to an out of town pediatric dermatologist for his somewhat unusual birthmark, had his appointment.  And it is simply a port wine stain in a typically safe place for them.  We still have to decide whether or not we want to laser treat the portion on his cheek and neck.  Our trip to the doctor with Wilson became a mini getaway in Kansas City for us, Dom and Sol stayed here with Grandma and Grandpa.  We spent a lot of time catching up with friends-and lots of cute babies.  We're so blessed to have great family and friends.  So refreshing to relax a few days.
Wilson before derm. appointment - my 90th percentile fatty.

Case of Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joes
We stayed with our high school friend, Brandon and his wife
Mel with her newborn, Foster
my cousin Sam, his wife, Cecilia, his daughter, Elise

7.  This recipe, was no good.  Tears for good goat cheese and garden goods wasted.  Probably this chef's fault.