Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Five Favorites

Linking up with Grace who's subbing for Hallie.

1.  Oxyclean.  I know that 2009 called and wants its product back, but I was a little late getting on the train.  On the off chance you've never used it, I will tell you of its magical powers.  First, I sometimes dare to dress my boys in white and pastels, including a daily white oxford when they go to school - at least it was white when I bought it.  My boys dirty the clothes with blow-outs and adventures.  I see the stains, spray them with something, and throw them in the washer.  The washer throws up its agitating hands in a helpless sort of way.  Next, I dry them without follow-up.  Then, at folding time, I discover some truly disgusting stains dried into their clothes.  I throw about 6 of these stained items into a bucket with concentrated Oxyclean and walk away from anywhere between 6 hours to when I remember.  Then I toss them in the washer again (which is really just to rinse and spin).  These clothes look perfect, every time.  Even works for spit up stains I found on Dom's clothes that showed up during 4 years of storage.  

2.  ALDI gummy bears.  I picked a bag of ALDI gummi bears, not the Haribo ones, but the other kind for little treats for my kids.  I now pick up a bag every trip.  These are some of the most fruity flavorful gummies I've ever had.  Then, one day, I was eating some, and I felt a hole in the one in my mouth.  It was circle with Lifesaver printed on it.  So, they must be made in the same factory on the same machines the Lifesaver gummies, They do taste like Lifesaver gummies.  Terrible habit, but they are so good.


3.  Mr. Rogers.  I watched this show as a kid, and really liked it.  But as an adult, I am increasingly appreciative of his everything.  My kids get mesmerized by him, and I've been known to stare as he tells how things are made. I see what he says and does on the show, I see what a fantastic model of good manners and great behavior he is for my children.  (You can bet Dom has been known to use his exact language to communicate from time to time - very sweet.)  As I watch Mr. Rogers, I can tell that he was sincerely interested in the welfare of children and hyper-aware of the special needs kids.  One day, I noted that he said, "Sometimes, I might not feed the fish on my show, but I always feed them, every day, even when we aren't together."  I chuckled thinking of the autistic child who noted that he didn't feed the fish and let him know.  It turns out, that is just about what happened, and Mr. Rogers was extremely concerned to feed them every time after that incident.  Sure, there are a few puppets that creep me out -ahem "Lady Elaine"- but Mr. Rogers was just a great guy all around.  Grab a kleenex and read his Wikipedia page.  

4.  Babies.  Between the magical age of 3 months and 8 months, these guys are the best.  All the giant toothless grins, rolls of fat, throaty giggles, and funny glimpses of personality to come have me wrapped around an adorably dimpled finger.  I'm a sucker for my own Wilson, living life in the honeymoon stage.  I also read Camp Patton thinking, "I hope she posts a picture of Theo today."  (I know. . . creepy. . )  Even my big kids think Wilson is the bees knees.  When I take him out to go shopping, he gets noticed, so I'm certain that I'm not alone in this obsession.  If you are like me, you should watch the movie Babies, because it is the sweetest.  Your kids from about 2 on will also dig it.
Squeezable thunder thighs, bald head - endearing only for a short window of time.  Live it up baby.

5.  This cable-less mom loves to sneak in a nap or some efficiency thanks to the videos of Super-Why, Mr. Rogers, and Dinosaur Train.  Th babysitter is both appropriate and educational - and creates at least 30 minutes of harmony at a time for my boys.  

If you made it this far, you deserve to read better posts.


  1. I loved Mr. Rogers when I was little, and am still a big fan of him. :) And I concur about babies age 3-8mos.- such cuteness! Esp. the gummy grins!

  2. aw what an adorable family you have! :)
    as for the necklace in my post, you should definitely get it! it's soooo cute and so affordable too :) i have to keep myself from wearing it everyday hahaa

    p.s. i'm also having a nautical inspired giveaway going on and would love for you to enter if you get the chance :)

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