Saturday, July 27, 2013

Shawn's Date

Shawn is on a date today with another woman.  I would be jealous, if it weren't for the fact that it is with the lady photographed here:
My Grandma
 They actually do this date once a year.  

My husband has a huge garden in our backyard, and we get a few tomatoes.  (Sol may be hanging over the sink eating three five  seriously 6!? right now.)

My grandma is one of the last living fans of the county extension office events, and she is up to date on all the exciting*(very generous use of the word) programs they offer such as canning and gardening classes.

One such event offered is an annual Tomato Day complete with educational tips on tomatoes, canning, and competitions for best tomatoes of many varieties.  This is their date.  Shawn takes her to breakfast at joints with names like "Fat Ernie's".  Then they are off to the Farmer's market for all kinds of shenanigans.  Shawn is the youngest man there by a good 35 years.

So, this year, my Grandma has mentioned some 3000 times that there is a competition for tomatoes and she thinks Shawn's tomatoes have a shot.  (Shawn did not feel this way.)  I coaxed him into humoring my Grandma's competitive nature and bringing a few plates to enter.

I just got a call, he won 2nd prize for his Baby Roma Tomatoes, so he is the proud owner of a $10 Farmer's Market Gift Certificate!  He wanted to know what we wanted and I directed him to locate the nearest Mennonite baked goods because I think we are good on fresh veggies for a bit.

It seems my Grandma bought him a strawberry rhubarb pie.  Those two whipper snappers - living it up like they are a mere 65!  (Which for one of them is impressive - I won't say which one.)

I'm sure in his acceptance speech, he thanked his own Grandpa for the green thumb.  (Tuck in a few prayers for his Grandpa Earl if you see this.)

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