Thursday, July 18, 2013

Style Challenge Link-Up

Linking up with Freckles in April.

When I visited my Pinterest Style Board, I realized that it wasn't exactly down to earth, achievable looks.  It was more of a smattering of 50s and 40s inspired photographs and fashions.  
  My inspiration.
I love the 40s ad 50s.  All the full skirts, mid length dresses, high heels, done up hair - so beautiful and dressy.  Before I opened my closet, I looked at a bunch of great 50s looks on Pinterest, and even broke out a few family photos.

My grandma in the 50s.  Isn't she gorgeous?  The answer is yes.
Grandma dressed up like the Gibson Girl for her wedding.
So here is my outfit.

Skirt:  a store we no longer have here called Gadzooks (probably bought in 2002)
Shirt: a hand-me-down from years ago - Gap
Heels:  Target
Pearls:  Aspen Traders
Necklace:  It was my great Grandma's.  Vintage costume jewelry. 

I also tried something different than the daily high ponytail on my Pinterest look.  Bangs were rarely worn down in the 50s according to a bunch of photos, but I just curled them a little to go with my face shape.  I was going for something lower on the nape of my neck, and cleaner looking too, but Taylor Swift is a dirty rotten deceiver with her curly hair.  Real curly hair is unpredictable, sometimes frizzy, and does what it wants.  

*Other than setting a curly hair bar unrealistically high, I have nothing against TS.

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  1. What a cute look, Emily! I love 50s style, and the inspiration photo is amazing. You hair looks great, too! I can never master updos w/ my flat, straight hair. :-/