Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Goal #4

Goal #3 is in process.  My brother in law is custom building me a simple wooden wall hanging supply holder so my kids can put supplies in there.  In the meantime, I've been making sure the boys keep all the papers in the desk and all the supplies in a pencil box.  I will just have to wait 'til Austin does that project.

In my ideal world, I would use my God-given talents to cook, clean, craft, and just get imaginative with my kids all day. 

My real is that I barely have time to keep up on the house as is, and that is largely in part to a lot of things, but I will target my time on the internet (not all worthless, I get educated, contact friends, ect...)  I also waste a great deal of time on not one thing in particular though, but it eats my day. 

Goal #4.  I am going to limit my internet time to:  When the kids are all in bed for the night but BEFORE 10:30 PM and the morning before they're up.  I will allow email checking, but not FB going, blogging, blog reading, ect.  Because honestly, I don't want my kids to be on the internet instead of productive, so why should I?  This will go for 1 week and I will see how I like it.  If I can hone in on this prudence, just think of what I could do! 

So, it is 2 in the afternoon and I will start after this post, I plan to finish ironing, make cookie dough, run by work to pick up tutoring materials, take my kids biking, and drop a squash off at the neighbors.  And maybe clean the basement, but I'd rather not be over-ambitious.

So, this laptop is on 'shut' mode til after my kids are in bed!  Adios!

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