Friday, July 5, 2013

Alaska, Emergency Room, and other fun

Shawn went to Alaska for an impromptu work trip last week from Sunday to Wednesday.  I am proud of my big girl self for only spending one night at my sister's and trying to 'tough it out' here at home at nights.
jealous?  I was. 

Wednesday night, we went swimming at a pool at Nana's neighbor's house.  It was too cold for me to get in, but some little ones had a great time.
Beautiful pool!
Dominic, before the impending doom soon to befall him
After our swim, Dom convinced Nana that he needed to spend the night there.  I proceeded to undress him and help him into PJs when Nana noticed a bug bite on his upper thigh.  It was red in the middle, swollen, and red around it for a good 3 inches.  Dominic said a spider bit him, but we got in the phone to page the doctor.  I've done that a thousand times for all sorts of stuff, but this return time was the fastest I've ever had.  After further examination and describing it to him, the Dr. said, "I'm worried it's mrsa, take him in now, you don't want to wait."

Shawn and I packed up the kids.  Dom was devastated that his newly negotiated sleepover was to be replaced with the ER and possible shots.  Nana was able to offer the consolation of a new toy she had bought for him - a plane from the movie Planes that is coming out.  (Get excited mothers of boys everywhere.)

Shawn took the baby, Sol, and I home.  I proceeded to google 'mrsa' for the next long 2 hours while a curious 6 year old kept asking, "What's mrsa?" to which I replied, "Go to bed."

Shawn called and it was mrsa.  He itched a mosquito bite and it got infected.  They sedated him to drain it.  Even sedated with localized pain meds, Dom apparently teared up and whimpered as they dug out the wound.  They also packed it, which is filling the hole with something gauzy.

He came slowly out of sedation singing, and thought his ER bed was a boat.  The doctors were cracking up at him, and said that Shawn should be recording.  If Shawn was the owner of a smart phone, you can bet he'd have been a great "David after Dentist" type video.

They sent him home with pain meds, antibiotics, and the aftermath of the sedation.  The poor kid was just a mess when he got home.  I asked if he sang at the doctor's, and he said, "Only when I was on the boat."  Then he got up to potty and toppled over.  He looked down at his legs and cried, "Why are there 2 band aids?"  (One they gave him while he was sedated.)

He woke up crying in the night, we gave him some pain meds, and he fell back asleep.  He woke up limping in the morning but otherwise normal.  Our follow-up appointment today was okay, but we aren't done with it yet, we go in again Monday.

I made some sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies to take to my Aunt Anne's party for the 4th.

Solly and Dad at the party.  Poor infected Dom went to Nana's instead.
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After Anne's, we went to Nana's for a fireworks show.

at Nana's - Sol's new t-shirts fit me too, so I'm sporting his more Americana print
When Sol saw the cookies I made for the 4th he read them and said, "America!  I love America!"  

So do I.  


  1. Oh my goodness! MRSA is NO joke! I'm so glad that you discovered it so soon and got it taken care of! I'll be praying that it doesn't linger. Otherwise it looks like you had a great time! Your kids are precious! Happy 4th of July!

  2. Thanks! We seem to be on the mend. Thank God for that! Hope your 4th was great too!