Friday, July 5, 2013

What We're Reading

Linking up with Housewifespice
I am reading:

Both are for book clubs.

The Privilege of Being a Woman is starting out a little slow for a girl who doesn't really feel that oppressed as a woman.  The first few chapters set the groundwork for what may be an interesting read, but I hope it is also a moving and informative read.  I'm not just gaining tons of useful information through the beginning, but I feel it will get there.  The beginning lays out all the times women have been degraded and put second to men, I think to create a little empathy for a misguided feminist movement, but I feel it lingers on it too much.  But in different hands, this would be informative and moving, I would think.

I Capture the Castle is one I have read before - 2 times - so I am really just re-skimming it to freshen up for book club.  The fact that I have read it 2 times puts it in a category with 3 other books:  The Giver, The Scarlet Pimpernel, and Harry, the Dirty Dog.  (Okay, there were only 2 legit books, I've read a handful of children's books over and over again.)  What I'm saying is, this is a good book.  It is NOT a Hunger Games can't stop turning pages due to suspense type book.  It is more of a quirky, interesting, romantically located, well written, and believable book.  So go out and enjoy it!

Shawn is reading:
He loves the Ender's Game books and wants me to read them too.  Should I?  Anyone?

Sol is reading:
A bunch of Dear Dragon books he checked out at the library.

I think they are stupid, and well below his reading level, but he likes them.  They are also great books for sight word recognition, as they repeat lots of words like "come" and "hear".  As a reading teacher, I can say they are not great phonics books.

Dom just read:

Grandma read it to him.  Then, he saw a web in his firetruck toy in the backyard and said, "Look, mom, a web, a beautiful web."  Eric Carle is my hero, he and Mr. Rogers know where it's at.
I am also reading him a bunch of boring easy-readers and paraphrasing non-fiction books about flight, transportation, and planes to him.  I'm yawning, he's all over it.

Wilson just enjoyed looking at a board book version of this:

His newborn tastes are impeccable.  This book is hilarious.  And bright, and fun to read.  And rhyming, and super.  Which is why Sol just had to pick it up and read it to him.  It is riddled with gems like, "Hello Jack, Hello Jake, Shake hands, Shake hands, Shake, Shake Shake."

Go check out the others - get inspired to read for you and read to your kids, so so important.


  1. I Captured the Castle! I've read that one too. I think I was tracking down the original book that 101 Dalmatians was based on, also by Dodie Smith and found I Captured the Castle. Loved it. I read Ender's Game. It's one of those foundational, set the groundwork for sci-fi for the next several years, books. Very well done, but not my cup of tea. It's worth reading though. Have you seen the episode of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood where Fred visits Eric Carle? Very, very cool. So glad you joined the link-up!

    1. I have seen that episode! I love having my boys watch his show, he teaches them SO MUCH!

    2. Also, thanks for hosting the link-up. Fun!

  2. I really enjoyed I capture the castle. There's a movie version that came out a few yrs ago. I watched it on Netflix and enjoyed it .... And my toddler really enjoys hand hand fingers thumb too. :-)

    1. I saw the movie in like 15 segments on YouTube. I liked it.
      Thanks for stopping by!