Sunday, June 23, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

   Last week, I agreed to help out a friend by modeling for her Mary Kay fashion show thing.  I modeled for Lady McBeth's Boutique, 2 dresses, this was my favorite.  
At the show, I WISH those were my shoes.
It was reasonably priced and I got a discount, so I bought it - a rare thing for me. I seldom shop so having a dress that I liked already picked out and tried on was a good deal.  I wore it today for Mass.  Bonus, it is elastic at the top and I could nurse Wilson in it. 
Wish this was less blurry- but husband's Sunday to dispatch so...
I don't pull off headband hair well.  I wanted the red but next time I will skip the headband for sure.
Wore it with a red headband from Target? I think?
A necklace - gift from my sister bought on Etsy to thank me for NOLA 2012
(It's the Van Gogh moon which is our logo.)
Toned it down for church with black flats from Target.

Mass grades (a new tradition thanks to Grace)
Sol: A-  (a little too much book flipping for an A+)
Dom:  F  What am I gonna do about this!?  Ideas?
Wilson:  A (but his wiggling is increasing. . . my days with that are numbered I think)

Wilson got all talkative to this station image and then giggled.
Probably thinking, "Silly Jesus, where's your body?"
My adorable nieces should have their own "What I wore Sunday" blog, because they are always styled to the nines.  
Is it acceptable to put little boys in dressy shorts and shirts in the summer?  I don't allow jeans or anything...thoughts?

So a while back I posted this in sadness and frustration, but our last game is Tuesday and things have gotten SO MUCH BETTER.  He's not that great at T-ball, but he's not being silly and ignoring advice anymore.  He hits the ball off the tee fine, and he goes after the ball with limited angry strangling when he doesn't get the ball, sometimes lobbing it to first base like he should.
Ready position.
He's even liking it a little.  
off to first base!
So now, I get to enjoy the game stress free knowing that my son will be a hopeless T-ball athlete instead of a depressing T-ball sideshow.  And that is all I ever wanted.  Really.

Dominic made me laugh this week when he played with the cousins at the kitchen table. 
Dom:  Let's pretend we are mommies and daddies.
Coletti:  Yeah.
Dom:  And we are drinking beer.  (It was water.)
Francesca:  Yeah.
Dom:  Wow, this beer tastes really natural. 
Girls:  Yeah. 


  1. Your nieces- yes! So darling! I love that they coordinate w/o being matchy-matchy. That new dress of yours is very fun too :-)

    The NOLA idea is very cool! I've never seen that before.

    1. Thanks! NOLA is not a completely original concept, but it is somewhat rare and a LOT of fun!

  2. Great blog!


    1. Thanks! I love yours too! Your black and white dress railroad pictures are amazing!