Sunday, June 16, 2013

Back to Business - which is in no way business

Vacation wrap up:
It was pretty exciting, but I made the mistake of writing about the magic of Disney theme parks BEFORE our second day at a Disney theme park, which happened to also be grad day.  That means that high school graduates fill the park making hiccups throughout to ruin the 'magic'.  So, I say now:  Do not go to a Disney Park until you have called to find out if there are any sponsored days at the same time.  If so, I would strongly recommend NOT going on grad day.  Unless you're a grad, or you love lines and crowds packed tight.
Still, it was a great vacation, highlights below.
Conveyor belt sushi in Little Tokyo.

Pool time
Star Wars Ride

Right before Space Mountain.

Goal #2 was an epic failure.  I give myself an F.  I was late a lot last week and only sort of had a handle on the clutter.  

Last night, I came back to a surprise.  My brother-in-law Austin took this old desk that was worn and old and unfinished and re-did the wood on it with new varnish.  For no reason because he is awesome. So I was pleased and so were the boys.  They took about ten seconds to make it look like this:
Why would anyone post that chaos?   
Because, my friends, that is Goal #3.  My REAL for this week, is that the desk looks like this ALL THE TIME!  I pick it up, I make the kids pick it up, I weed out the clutter, and this ends up looking like that mess.  SO, I want a better, more Montessori-like kid-friendly set up.  So, my goal is to make this an easier place to keep organized for my little artists.

(found here: not sure of the original source.)

Feel free to post any great ideas for this, or make and share your own goal, - or don't.

Happy Father's Day to my husband and the 0 other dads reading my blog.  Shawn's a good guy, so I'm gonna keep him.
Shawn smoked us a Father's Day Dinner of pulled pork, we ate this squash dish with garden squash, and salad with greens from the garden.  I love summer.  

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