Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fluids and Magic

Yesterday, I woke up at 5 to make the rigid 7:15 departure for Disneyland's California Adventure. 

   After I got myself and baby ready, I walked into the hall to the unmistakable smell of vomit.  I thought: My sister's morning sickness?  No, she makes it to the bathroom and I never smell it.  Beer pong aftermath?  No, the players seemed sober as we went to bed last night.  Vague memories of hearing my husband gag in the night came to mind, but he didn't drink, so I'm sure if he had gotten sick, he would have made it to the bathroom.  A quick glance in the bedroom confirmed it.  And then I smelled it again, and I knew.  A glance into the boys room and there it was, my 6 year old sleeping in it - it was everywhere on and around his side of the guest bed...ugh, fluids.  Shawn, while campaigning for husband of the year, did the intensive clean up while I marched my children to the shower determined to make our 7:15 departure time - 14 people with 2 cars, so we just keep chugging along despite the many who have fallen to this little virus that is going around. Anyways, I think we were out by 7:20 and off to Disney!
First timer.

Disney norms allow girls to wear dress ups all day.
Danielle is also a fist timer.
 For those of you who haven't experienced a Disney theme park, Shawn was one of those until yesterday, they are indeed MAGIC.  I am a Disney girl myself, but I think that my bias only slightly tints this.  Let me break it down for you:

1.  They let you bring in food/drinks.  Blessing when you're not in the market to buy the fantastic turkey legs and other delights every time you get hungry.
2.  Fast Pass.  They don't make you wait in a line for 2 hours unless you choose to.  You can get a Fast Pass and come back after a few smaller rides and it moves you to the front at your arrival time.  There are, of course, limits, but we easily used 4 passes per person yesterday and it maximizes your experience.
3.  Disney is all about customer service.  And from what I understand from those that have done the internship there, they treat the employees well also.  So kindness and courtesy are just leaking from their "have a magical day."
4.  They don't cut corners or miss a moment to make you smile.  Shawn, in particular, was wowed.  When you enter the town replicated like Radiator Springs from the Cars movie, you will feel like you are there in every way.  And, for those of you who have seen the movie, as a tribute to attention to detail, the little yellow blinking traffic light is slower on every third blink.  Shawn noticed this and was a bit impressed.  When you wait in lines like Monster's Inc, you watch funny commercials for stinky deodorant and when you wait in line for Toy Story Mania, you watch life size Mr. Potato head sing and dance.  
Dom loved the parade

5.  Their parades, spontaneous street dance parties, shows, restaurant meals, and character meet and greets are just oozing with humor, creativity, and show true intuition into what people and kids enjoy.  Shawn said to me, after the mid-day parade, "Wow, they really want you to have a great day here."  And they do.  I cannot recommend Disney parks enough, if you can find a way to afford them.  

Okay, so I sat out the first ride with Wilson while the others went on a Mater ride.  I took advantage of the lull to nurse.  Wilson took advantage of the lull to poop out his first outfit.  Fluids.  I changed him on the pad right there on the ground.  In the bathroom?  No.
I just wanted to wear my Monster's Inc onesie.

meeting Lightning

After some rides, we ended up on Voyage of the Little Mermaid.  I love these little hokey kid rides.  For reasons unknown to me, I teared up here and again during the Disney Junior show which my boys loved.  I cannot tell you why.  Hormones, tired, overwhelmed with gratitude - all of the above - fluids.
The rest of the day was a whirl of rides and tagging in and out of sitting with baby and sleepers and too shorties.  Highlights include riding the roller coaster with a short wait with Shawn and only Shawn.  And it was a smooth, fun ride.  Magic.  A girl's lunch at the princess restaurant to celebrate Coletti's 3rd birthday - magic.  

Happy Birthday to a lucky and sweet Coletti.
The Cars ride was the BEST.  You hop in the car and go through Radiator Springs, meeting characters, tractor tipping and then racing away from Frank, and then the quaint little music from Lightnings cruise with Sally plays as you glide out into the mountain.  Then you go under a pass and the majestic music plays as you see the waterfall and bridge.  I was taken.  Magic.  And fluids.  (Blame the hormones.)  The ride ends with a fast race through the canyon.  So much fun.  

Now it wasn't a perfect day.  There was some over-tired Dominic drama and typical Dominic naughtiness which meant I had to pull him out of a few lines to miss the ride for a time-out, and another clothes change after Wilson spit up fluids.  Dominic was 1/4 inch too short to ride the amazing Cars ride - I was devastated, he was fine.

Most of the party decided to ride this seemingly benign looking Ferris Wheel which was for about 8 of the 10 riders a 15 minute fear inducing dangler.
Dominic laughed wildly because he loved every minute of it, while I begged to switch sides securely between my mom and dad and my nervous brother, Fred, would not allow it. 

We ended the day after a show with 5 sleeping kids as we left the park, smiling.  MAGIC.

We are blessed.  Or spoiled.

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