Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Picturesque Chaos

This day was really nice.  San Diego is like storybook beautiful.  The family spent a day there doing what we do best:  talking and eating.  And seeing the gorgeous sights.
How do I get the she-shells out?
Whoa!  Waves!

Fred loves it when I make him pose for pictures.  
Seals on a rock.
The one coming out of the water is cute.

Seal puns ensued for some time after this.

pensive baby

why mother, why?
This family photo was brought to you by: room for improvement.
Gus and his girlfriend Danielle. 
Gretchen, Mike, the girls

Solomon is so happy when he's eating.
First bite of anything - avocado.
artsy square in Balboa Park 

 We definitely engaged in a 20 minute family debate on how these pieces of playground equipment work.  It followed with almost all of us trying them out to make our point.  And, it was an Oxler debate, so no one was wrong because we all were right.

We also got dessert at a fabulous restaurant.  I sat out dinner at the Italian place in the car with Wilson and Solomon.  Sol was just wired and I was just done.  1 hour in the car beats on hour of trying to keep a tired Sol socially enjoyable and from giggling and arm flapping himself into a knot.

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  1. Looks like fun, but I can imagine that was quite a tiring day of vacation!!