Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Best

Grace is doing a Sunday Best link up and I love love LOVE to dress up myself and the kids, especially for Mass.

However, we went to Mass last night, because we are in Orange County at the most beautiful vacation house I've ever seen compliments of my awesome dad.  There are 14 of us total, my parents, 4 kids, + 2 spouses + 1 girlfriend +5 visible grandkids and one hiding out inside my sister.  So my dad is both generous and crazy.
generous and awesome Dad with Dom.
My mom snapped a photo of us on the flight.  So enjoy until Shawn sees it.
Wilson made a friend
pool, hot tub, wading pool, fountain, slide - love

selfie on the veranda at nap time?  sure.
Walk in the neighborhood in our vacation best.  Gordmon's maxi, Walmart sandals and $5 shades.  Swimsuit under because . . . 

Shawn and the kids.

Mass grades:
Solomon- a C which is a deviation from the typical A
Dominic:  F (3 million times worse of an F than usual)
Wilson: A+  (teacher's pet)

I blame pre-vacation excitement - excuses, excuses. . .

Well this nurse/post is over, time to hit the patio party!


  1. I'm dying over the flight shot!!

    Such a beauty!! Thank you for linking and enjoy the sunshine!!!!

  2. That is how we would be on a flight. And the vacation sounds amazing!!

  3. I think I was using my newborn like a pillow. Classy.

    We are enjoying it. CA weather is great!

  4. That pool is aaaaaaaaamazing!!! Love the maxi, too :)

  5. That looks like a beautiful place to stay! So fun to be there together with your family, I'm sure!