Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I'm new to this. . . be forgiving

So the ever classy and hilarious Grace is hosting a link-up.  I will admit, I didn't really 'get' how to do this, so forgive me for not giving her a shout-out sooner.  I will likely NOT bring any followers to her blog, but I read after a google search (yes, I had to do that) that it is courteous to link it to your blog.  My favorite is her conversations with Julia - that girl cracks me up, like her mom, and her dad.  (I went to grade school and high school with Simon.)

So forgive me.

Here, let me put a picture of my son to detract from my novice.
If he is ugly, I won't know for a while. . . I look at him too much right now.  Like Troll dolls - sometimes ugly catches on and you think it's cute.

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