Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I made...

a hibiscus out of fondant!  (For my aunt's surprise luau cake)

Keep on scrolling, these are the failures.

tried to shape.  nope.
also nope.
Do you like to stop in the middle to entertain me?  nope.
Built inside the shot glass. . .finally!
Dom made and flew this duple plane while I worked.  It's safe to say Dom is doing this 9/10 times, actually.
Insert motor sounds.
promised pepper prints
Just one second after this photo was taken, Dominic proclaimed, "I'm done!"  Then stood up and did an almost humorous slip and slide and fall into the acrylic(because I'm crazy) paint.  I successfully rescued the clothes in the washer.  (Dom also survived.)

The definition of PATHETIC
One hour after my last post - after I composed the last sentence of it - I strolled on over to pick up Sol at 3:30.  I was actually going to get there at 3:25.  Patting my overachieving back, I got to my sister's to drop off her girls and found out it was over at 3:00 and they were trying to reach me.  So, I don't get an A . . . despite my generous-to-self grading.

 Dom composed and sang a lovely little shower song the other day:

I'm really nakey, 
a nakey, nakey bottom.
I'm really stanky,
a stanky, stanky bottom!

I'm not usually a fan of the bottom and naked talk, but since it was topical, accurate, and catchy, I'll allow it.  And sing it next time it fits, probably.

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