Monday, June 3, 2013

Stuff and Goal #2

This week has been beautiful.  So I have been trying to be that mom that I loathe being - you know, the one who spends quality time outdoors with the kids.  I am a results based person, so I sorta just like to do stuff that has an end goal.  Most of the time I spend really working with my kids is educational based or cleaning based- as in, I make them and show them how to clean things- you're welcome, future daughters-in-law.

So to prove I did good mom stuff:
boys on their bikes, with bells - because we hate the neighbors it would seem  (we don't) 
No matter what cool activity we engage in, he is stuck doing this.
Dominic's helicopter - act impressed.
 This week I'm teaching a new somewhat prep intensive reading/art summer school course in the mornings, my sister and I are trading childcare, and we are going to DISNEYLAND! next week, so much packing awaits us.  I had Gretchen's girls this afternoon and the lunch fixings were slim.  I dared not drag the 4 munchkins (Sol's at Totus Tuus) to ALDI for an embarrassment-fest, so I broke down and (if you're a healthy person insert "whipped up a salad" and skip this paragraph) bought McDonalds.  I don't do that much.  For one, it costs more than I typically shell out and it isn't my ideal healthy meal either.  But I did.
Coletti asked me 3 times "What is this drink?"  What she really meant was:  
"What is this God-nectar of delight?"   I call it "Koolaid".  

More outdoorsy-ness.  
Shawn's garden, one corner away from weeded.  

My entire back patio and driveway look like a plot for war.  Enemies beware.  

Goal #2 has a little less ambition than the already less than dazzling Goal #1.

I'm going easy on myself during this already busy week:

Arrive on-time to everything and keep the house in order.
I bet June never drags into the cub scout ceremony with untied shoes on the Beav.
And those cabinets....
I would show my real with a photo, but there is not a picture chaotic enough to represent it.  I googled "flustered mom" and was shocked not to find my photo in the search.  I'm constantly heading out the door with kids in tow for this and that, leaving a mess, forgetting a baseball glove, and breaking laws written for bad drivers like me to get somewhere before 15 minutes late.  I really don't want to nag my boys this week to get in the car and race off.  And I want to maintain some order.  And I don't want to rely on my super husband to finish the cleaning and dress the baby in the process.  He's been working tons and cashed in lots of PTO just to pay Wilson's hospital bills.  So he deserves a break.

Now to keep a pepper-print promise to Dom and Francesca.  Then to pick up Sol - on time.

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