Saturday, June 1, 2013

Goal Revisited

First off- I was having a rough night on my last post, but of course, all is well.

Solomon in deep, monotone foghorn voice:
"Awww Wilson Ignatius, I love you because you are so cute.  Did you know you are so cute?"
(I'm certain he does know.)  
So, initially, I thought I would complete goal #1 in one week and come up with some other need for improvement in my home and quickly move to perfection.  (I'm a realist-no.  Optimist?-no.  Living in a fantasy?  BINGO.)  So perfect laundry and closets in a week?  Not so.  So, let's pretend that I'm grading not on timeliness, but on completion.

Goal:  Get ALL the laundry clean, ironed, and put away.
And make my closet a bit more Martha Stewart . . . the organized part, she's not really my fashion icon.
OCD clothing sort included.
Season 4 of AD made this much more fun.   Welcome back, old friend.  

Moses?  No.  Wilson.  Wrong basket.

And I get an A- (I'm a generous self-grader). I did wash, iron, and hang it *all*.
*Turns out, your family cannot remain naked while you do all the laundry.*
I still need to go through my son's closets for outgrown and out of season wear.

I also got rid of a heap of not-so-lovely and not-so-fitty clothes - Shawn too!
To donate to . . . somewhere.  Although, I might still want that red sequined scarf-belt.  

This blog start and goal was also a blogs-periment of sorts to see if this would be a help or hindrance to me as a mother, wife, and person in general.  I have been far more productive since I started it- and so it will go on.  Like my heart.
Peace out.
This post was brought to you by:  Dirty garage and obsession with my youngest child.  And Celine Dion.

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