Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween! Seven Quick Takes

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I love Halloween.  So anyways, I want to rehash costumes we have done over the years, because we have been getting our theme on.

1.  Halloween 2010:  Monster's Inc.  
I made Dom's outfit, bought Sol's on ebay, and Gretchen made Francesca's.  

2.  Halloween 2011:  Toy Story.  I made the Woody and Buzz outfits.  Gretchen made Francesca's.  The Bo Peep outfit was probably made by my grandma when my sister was little. 
3.  Halloween 2012:  Beauty and the Beast.  I made the Beast and Candlestick outfits.  Gretchen made the Belle and Chip.  
4.  Halloween 2013:  Peter Pan.  I made the Peter Pan, Captain Hook(out of a women's DAV jacket), baby pirate, and Wendy costume.  Gretchen did most of the work on the Tinkerbell costume, which was an upgrade from a dress up I made her at Christmas.

complete with mustache and "mom" tat.

My dad had a few helpers to hand out candy.  The neighborhood I grew up in goes crazy all out for Halloween and attracts a bunch of traffic from around the city on Halloween night. 

The boys with their adorable friends checking out the candy stash.
 These girls went as "St. Michael" unlike my unholy Disney pagans here.
I bet they just wanted to rock wings and a shield - who wouldn't?
5.  I didn't dress up for the night, but I did sport a Cat-Woman(one word?) outfit at a party last week.  I just wanted to re-wear an oldie since I had no interest in making a new costume for myself.

6.  My brother-in-law and sister wore awesome costumes to the party last week - she utilized the pregnant belly well.
7.  This isn't Halloween related, but my brother (who is seventeen but I still think of as a baby) was on Homecoming Court at his high school.  Here are some photos from the pep rally and game.  They also did a cute themed dance.  
Godfather bonding time.
Here's the cute dance they did too!

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