Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Medical Frequent Flyer Miles

You know how after you buy 5 ice cream cones (or whatever), you fill up your card and get one free?  We need one of those for Dominic's getaway of choice.  

Dominic has an affinity for curtain lined sterile environments.  I also think he hates money.

When Dom was 2 months old, he had liquid sounding lungs and my always happy baby spent a night crying off and on.  A morning trip to Immediate Care told us that this was no little cold.  An ambulance chartered one low O2 sat. baby and one high strung and scared momma about one block over to a hospital where we spent a few days watching our baby get suctioned and tested and treated.  Our first visit to the ER with a kid.
He was a happy bugger.

At 2 years, Dominic stayed with Dad while I ventured to Florida with Solomon.  I received a text about a fall from the ladder and 'rock lodged in his head' which was probably a slight exaggeration, because no stitches were needed.  Stamp 2 on the ER Rewards card.  

At 3 years, Dominic most likely dumped a 50 count bottle of why-aren't-they-childproofed Pepcid into the toilet, after tasting 1 or 2 and deciding they were yucky.  Most likely.  So we had him professionally monitored for a few hours before going home with our third 'stamp'.

On July 3rd a mrsa incident meant more ER fun for Dominic.  At least it was a legitimate reason to get another stamp.

Last week, I was cutting the boys' hair in the backyard, when Dominic spotted some mushrooms in the grass and asked, "Can I eat them?"  I responded with a clearly too challenging, "NO!  Don't eat mushrooms, they are poison."  Moments later, as I finished Sol's cut, a triumphant Dominic proclaimed, "I ate them!"  Should have seen that coming from Mr. Test-The-Limits-for-Attention.  The rest is as you'd expect:  Google, Poison Control, mushrooms in a bag, hooligans to the car, and we're off to Dominic's favorite home away from home.
These guys, right here.
He had to drink flavored charcoal ('yucky' Dom noted) and sit on the luxury white bedding under surveillance for a few hours.
After charcoal.  Not Oreos.
And we made clay things to pass the time.  

We made a claymation movie too- (I clearly missed my calling.)    

When Shawn arrived at the ER to meet us, he asked, "Do you guys have a Rewards Program?"

Stamp #5.  Next one should be free.  
Almost makes me want to tell Dom not to jump off the top bunk.

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  1. Oh my goodness- what an ordeal! It really would be great if they had a rewards program at the ER. :)
    And this is random but, my brother in law is one of 4 boys and his mom has a plaque in her home that says, "There's a special place in heaven for a mother with 4 boys." Sounds like it should be changed to just say "any boys". ;)