Thursday, May 23, 2013

How did this happen?

Those are rolled up diapers.  
Long story long:
My autistic ADHD son, Solomon, woke up in a going-to-make-up-songs-like-'hit Dominic'-mood this morning, earning himself 5 chores for after school.  I had a bunch of diapers tied up from a baby shower, one of those adorable, yet practical while still impractical diaper cakes.  But I'm not so jerky as to complain about a thoughtful and time consuming to make party there anything nicer than this shower for a 3rd child of the same sex as the first two?  I'm so spoiled.  Proof below.
Leaning Lab Ladies and I at Wilson's sip n see
very cute diaper cake......and food, which is even better

So blowout, untie diaper, repeat...then, BINGO! 6 year old chore time!  After a few chores and field day, Sol was in an annoyingly tired but hyper giggly mood.  This 10 minute job of cutting all the ribbons took him exactly 1 hour, making us 15 minutes late to dinner at my sisters.  So, did the diapers get put into the diaper bin?  No, we just left them in a pile.  A neat pile.  Then we came home.  Bedtime went okay, which means I only had to take Dom's Duplos away for tomorrow and move him to my room til he fell asleep.

blinding pillow compliments of Grandma 

But my guess is he didn't go straight to sleep.....

I will though.  That mess can wait until tomorrow.  Just keeping it real.

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