Monday, May 20, 2013



I wish.  Except for all the drab tops and pants.  But it is super organized because I found it here:  I'm pretty sure she could make crap look neat and pretty.

This is my closet. messy messy messy
Unfortunately, this is also my laundry.  Clean but not folded, dirty, un-ironed, unwashed, undried, and.....well, NOT ideal.  
 So my goal this week:  Get all the laundry clean, put away, and organized.
But first, Wilson's nails are so long they are actually dirty.  Why?  Because 2 weeks ago, I trimmed them, and clipped a bit of his thumb skin.  My always happy baby layered on the guilt for a full 20 minutes! and not even the always soothing mama-milk could comfort him.  Mother of the year, right here.  I think I apologized to him 300 million times....forgiveness was a long time coming.  
 So let us hope for no tears as I trim his nails carefully tonight.  I really don't feel like crying. 

 After, I will survive the laundry project with this margarita slush and some dated season of Project Runway I haven't seen on the computer.  And now you can understand why everything I wear is "so Season 3". . . . er. . . so . . . "store that sells clothing and food side by side".  I can't blame Project Runway.
At the end of this week, an honest follow up will hopefully bring my real that much closer to my ideal.  

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