Thursday, April 24, 2014

Five Favorites - Prodigal Son Style

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So I've returned... (pretend you noticed my absence?)

Five Favorites from the last several months

1.  The AMAZING "Say goodbye to my Roaring Twenties" 30th surprise murder mystery party my sister, husband, and mom threw me.  It was ridiculous.  And my friends and family have never looked so glamorous.  I thought I was going to country club themed dinner, and instead, I was blown away with one stellar night.  If I could bottle the feeling of gratitude, I would share it with all!




2.  Dapper Easter boys.
Dom, Wilson, Sol
3.  Lindsey's Oscar Party.  It is actually an annual highlight, always a spectacular night out.

4.  My baby brother Fred is going to the seminary!  So incredibly proud of him as if I'm somehow responsible.  I'm not.  Still proud.

5.  Wilson turned one!

That's all folks!  

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