Tuesday, August 20, 2013


We went to "Ratatouille" at my Grandma's retirement home.  They have a pretty great movie theatre.
I want to retire there.  Tomorrow.
This little guy has found his voice.
We had to exit the theater and get our puzzle on while we waited.

born to read - per her request
I made onesie graphics/drawings for my supervisor's grand baby.
She's a hippie type with the last name 'Awe' hence the slogan/peace sign.  

My dad took the boys to the train museum.
They saw the train my dad drew 30 years ago and hung in my home growing up.

I went out dancing for a night with these girls.
My hair is FINALLY long enough for a side braid, which lasted until I got sweaty from dancing.
Themed footwear here.
Dom gave birth to a baby monkey after about
3 hours of maternity.

Sol started First Grade and I picked the world's worst place for a back to school photo.  
Dom met his super awesome PreK teacher.  He starts tomorrow.
Not to be out-shined by his brothers with their big changes, Wilson had his first food this week.
Mashed bananas.  He has now had it 3 times and we are actually getting a bit to his tummy now.  

He also has started waving and sitting up. 

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